Production and Live Event Sound System Rental
There is nothing more powerful 
than the sound of your own voice 
ringing strong and true.
*This business is in start-up mode.
The concept is to provide music & content production services and a niche PA rental service focusing on the very best small audience pro audio sound system.
PA system ideal for events up to 500 people.
Service offerings being considered are:
Initial service offering:

[] Music sync placement for videos, podcasts, video games, apps, ads, small business marketers, internal corporate videos, training videos, webinars and more.

Future service offerings:

[] PA system + engineer available to rent for public, private and corporate live events.
[] Beginner engineers can learn how to set up a PA system and program a mix for a DJ and Vocal Performers
[] Beginner DJs and vocal performers of all ages can learn how to set up their gear and perform on a PA system before playing out in front of a live audience
[] Engineers and Producers can preview songs on a PA system to fine tune show mixes
[] Performers can rehearse their songs on a PA system
[] DJs can rehearse STEM mixing on a PA system
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Project Journal
May 16, 2024-- Gear Wish List updated - This is want I want to get things started. I can rent everything else while booking events, building a customer base and saving money for more gear.
Allen & Heath SQ-5
Allen & Heath AB168 16x8 Digital Stage Box and dSnake
RCF EVOX-12 Powered Portable PA system (x2)
Approx. $13,000
April 27, 2024-- Southside Swagger Electro808 Slow Bounce - My 1st piece of sync music available for licensing!🎶🎉Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Awesome Sound System. License available Here.
January 9, 2024-- My Ikigai🎶📝
ikigai music sync licensing
December 5, 2023-- 🎼Bars bars bars. Who got bars?📶 Real talk. I love vibin’ out to music and I especially love producing & engineering music and playing instruments. I had to walk away from this a long time ago. Well my passion for music is like a boom-a-rang. It always comes back around again.🪃🤓🎚🎛❤️🎶Check out my music production and PA system rental business @awesomesoundsystem for more details.
This is a scratch track for my song “nevergiveup”. Got bars?🎤 x Awesome Sound System
November  13, 2023-- The first thang I'm gonna make with my #MaschineMK3 is a remix of Sade's song "Sally" ⚡️🧲🔊🎶 ❤️Sade
Native Instrument Maschine MK3
October 10, 2023-- T-shirts and Hoodies now available for purchase online. 
September 18, 2023-- I produced a theme song for my apparel business On this track I created my own 808 drum sample using Alchemy in Logic Pro X. I crafted my 808 into a tight, punchy low end cutting out the mud to let the bass hit hard, clean and boomy. ⚡️🧲🔊🔊🔊🔊 
July 22, 2023-- Stickers for raising brand awareness and money for the business.
July 11, 2023-- T-shirts for raising brand awareness and money for the business.
June 26, 2023-- Service Offerings
I decided to focus on a PA rental service then grow into training and rehearsal services.
June 21, 2023-- Optional Speaker Quote
Quote for RCF brand loudspeakers. $14,200 (speakers only)
RCF ART-945A 15in Powered Speaker w/ 4in HF Driver (x2)
RCF SUB8004-AS Powered 18-Inch Subwoofer (x2)
RCF ST 15-SMA II 15-Inch High Output Stage Monitor (x2)
RCF Speaker Dust Covers (x6)
RCF AC-PM-M20 M20 Threaded Mounting Pole, 100 LB Max (x2)
ADJ American DJ SMPC10 10-Foot Seetronic Powercon to Edison Cables (x4)
Hosa PWC-148 3-Wire IEC 18 AWG 8-Ft Cables (x2)
Subtotal: $17,000 for speakers and accessories
Midas M32R LIVE Digital Mixer with Stage Box
Shure ULXD4Q Quad Channel Digital Wireless Microphone System
Chauvet DJ Dual Gig Bar Move 5-in-1 LED Lighting System (x2)
ADJ Pro Event Table II Collapsible Event Table
Furman M-8Lx Power Conditioner with Lights
Monster 8001 Pro MI 8-outlet Power Strip
DIs, Cabling, Tri-Taps
Subtotal: $17,000 for Mixer, Mics, Lighting and accessories
Updated Total Gear Quote: $34,000
June 16, 2023-- Gear Quote
Worked with Kevin C. at to put together a L-Acoustics loudspeaker quote. Looking at about $21,000 for the best speakers.
Total Gear Quote: $42,000
L‑Acoustics P Series Self-Powered Loudspeakers (x2 12" tops, x2 15" subs)
RCF ST 12-SMA II 12-Inch High Output Stage Monitor (x2)
Behringer X32 Compact Digital Mixer+Stage Box
Behringer X32 'Compact' ATA 3/8" Mixer/Rack Case w/wheels​​​​​​​
Shure ULXD4Q Quad Channel Digital Wireless Microphone System
Chauvet DJ Dual Gig Bar Move 5-in-1 LED Lighting System (x2)
ADJ Pro Event Table II Collapsible Event Table
Furman M-8Lx Power Conditioner with Lights
Monster 8001 Pro MI 8-outlet Power Strip, 
June 12, 2023-- Purchased Commercial General Liability Insurance Coverage
June 10, 2023-- Opened Business Banking Account for Justin Bradshaw LLC - AWESOME SOUND SYSTEM
May 27, 2023-- Lunch Meeting with Daniel Farrar - Co-Owner of 2 Brothers Lighting LLC
I originally met Daniel on a corporate gig several months ago. He mentioned he and his brother had started a lighting company to provide rentals for film production and events. Recently we ended up on another gig together. During some downtime he shared more of his story about why he started the company and some highlights of the journey so far. I was very inspired by his story so I reached out to him a few days ago. He was totally down to meet up and offered as much time as I needed to gain some insight and clarity on starting a small lighting/audio-visual rental business. Just a few days later we had an awesome 2 hour lunch. I am so grateful for the gold nuggets he dropped on me. The lessons learned and tips & tricks he provide me covered almost everything under the sun about setting a small business up for success. Thank you Daniel.🙏 When you are looking for the newest, cutting edge film and event LED Lighting rentals and accessories hit up 2 Brothers Lighting LLC🏁
May 25, 2023-- My Story
The intention of this for profit business is to provide the very best small audience pro audio sound system for DJs and Vocal Performers such as RnB, Rap & Hip Hop and Dub in the Austin, TX Metro area.
The sound system will be available for corporate live events, entertainment, rehearsal and training.
My goal is to purchase RCF Self-Powered Loudspeakers, Allen and Heath SQ-5 Digital Mixer+Stage Box, Shure ULXD4Q Quad Channel Digital Wireless Microphone System, Chauvet DJ Dual Gig Bar Move 5-in-1 LED Lighting System, ADJ Pro Event Table II Collapsible Event Table, Mixer/Rack Case w/wheels, Furman M-8Lx Power Conditioner with Lights, Monster 8001 Pro MI 8-outlet Power Strip, Tri-Taps, DIs and cabling. 
What is my Why? Because performers and audiences deserve the very best auditory experience. I feel that it is essential that established and new performing artists have an opportunity to perform behind an AWESOME SOUND SYSTEM. A proper experience is a total game changer for everybody. I will be offering affordable training and rehearsal time. This is my way of serving the community and making a living. 
I grew up in the Piney woods of East Texas. I would spend countless hours listening to vinyl, 8-tracks, cassette tapes and CDs ranging from country, rock, metal to jazz, rnb, soul, reggae, rap and hip hop. In the late 90's I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University and then moved to Austin for a high-tech job. When I was in the 6th Grade I was a 1st Chair trumpet player. That following summer the Repo-Man knocked on the door and took my trumpet away. So, after college I picked up the trumpet and guitar, fell into an industrial metal band and then fell in love with mixing the live shows and recording the albums.
I realized that audio engineering and music composition were the perfect mix of science and art. I discovered my bliss.
I currently work in the live events business as a contract Audio Visual Specialist. My goal is to be an independent owner/operator of the most AWESOME SOUND SYSTEM in Austin, TX.
I ❤️🎶. 
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